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Light is the fundamental source for expressing life and enhancing human experience. Light makes human existence possible and the essence of all existence is light. Light also has an inherent narrative quality as nature narrates itself in light.

It plays a primitive role in articulation of space and embracing its beauty. Denying the importance of light in architecture is as good as failing to acknowledge the essence of life and its environment, as both share a cohesive relationship between each other.

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Our Story

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For many, it is just a Light, but for us, it is the reason for our existence, the reason who we are, the reason what we do. 

With the vow to achieve something profound, something tangible and something cohesive, Polluxx came into inception. 

The name Polluxx has an astronomical reference from the brightest star in Gemini constellation, to represent a universe of possibilities with us. The representation of name is nothing but our characteristics of Value creation which we are endowed with. It also represents brotherly partnerships to create value in society and the lighting industry.

Over the 15 years, we have realized that the search for a perfect light is endless; it is a journey without a destination as this journey itself is the destination.

Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision are two attributes without which a strategy cannot exist. Both terms are paramount and a summary of what we are aiming for and how we intend to implement it. Mission corresponds to our aspirations. It is a record of the ideal we strive for. Vision, in an ambitious and motivating way, shows the goal in the long run.


We work in tandem with lighting designers, interior designers, architects and specifiers;  we believe that our solutions must have a universal appeal and should be aligned with the parameters and requirements of the end-users.

The path which we aim for, from the standpoint to engage in and revolutionize, is to become a vibrant contributor in the lighting industry. 

Solutions And Recommendations

To begin anew a virgin space yet untouched by the glow of lights, or in areas spoiled for want of attention, or some having being unnecessarily overdone, we have the experience and the expertise to offer the best solutions and recommendations covering applications, products, types, performance and control.

Architectural Lighting Installation

Installation and Site Audits

We at Polluxx, want to ensure that precision is implemented while carrying out the works, and therefore provide the option to undertake the installation of the products supplied by us, or to provide specific supervision/support. We carry out site audits of lighting installations when requested by the end-user.


To provide an entire gamut of world-class products and cutting-edge solutions, we work closely with reputed global brands that have reshaped the architectural lighting landscape, and formed joint ventures with them. We cater to a diverse range of application areas of architectural indoor lighting and outdoor lighting including:

  • Residential lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Corporate lighting
  • Educational spaces
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • Urban Spaces
  • Industrial lighting
  • Façade lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Monuments
Architectural Indoor, Residential, Hotels, Commercial, Retail
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Office technical lighting, Residential, Decorative lighting
Grid ceiling system lighting, Office technical Lighting, Education, Medical, Corporate, Hospitality
Industry/Logistics, Architecture, Roads/City lighting, Shops, Railway, Petrol stations, Food industry, Parking/facility
Shop lighting, Office lighting, Industrial lighting, Education and Health lighting, Outdoor lighting
Interior and Exterior lighting, Façade lighting, Underwater lighting
Hotels and restaurants, Public spaces, Work spaces, Residential, Retail, Outdoor Public spaces, Indoor Public spaces
Architecture, Museums, Retail, Leisure, Hotels & Restaurants, Office & Business Premises, Garden & Parks

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Our Work

We go beyond the schemes, opposing the stereotypes because we believe that the best projects are born out of a passion for creation.

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