jlc poe


T-BAR PoE™ combines the benefits of JLC-Tech’s patented T-BAR LED™ product family with the functionality of a Power-over-Ethernet system, compatible with the Molex CoreSync™ Network. The CoreSync™ platform provides data-driven services that dynamically orchestrate building function through the use of network-connected lighting. By replacing cross tees in a suspended ceiling with light fixtures powered by the CoreSync™ Network, JLC-Tech now offers a fully integrated digital building solution.

T-BAR PoE™ Key Benefits

JLC-Tech’s products are the only lighting fixtures designed, approved and patented to replace the cross tees in a suspended grid ceiling system.
• Allows for uninterrupted ceiling panels, creating a uniform ceiling design, optimizing sound absorption and light reflectance
• Low profile of the T-BAR PoE leaves the plenum above the ceiling completely unoccupied
• Installation of lighting fixtures is a snap and requires minimal-to- no-tools or field cutting of tiles
• Power and data over single-layer infrastructure offers human-centric control of luminaires
• Safe and cost-effective to install with low-voltage technology
• Based on Ethernet standard
• Creates the possibility for new data analytic schemes
• Future-proof and upgradeable